Evviva Cycling Tours

At Evviva Cycling Tours, we have a passion for experiencing the finer things in life. Without question cycling is one of those finer things. This is why we operate a full cycling training facility in Eugene, OR staffed with certified trainers and bike fitters! We want people to enjoy every aspect of their cycling from what they eat and see, to how their bikes fit them. Come experience an Evviva Cycling Tour where our passion and enthusiasm helps us discover the wonders of our surroundings together!

Our tours explore the great diversity of the Pacific Northwest. We will travel to the majestic coastline, stopping at quaint coastal towns and shops while enjoying expansive beaches and views of the Pacific coast. Meandering through the fertile Willamette Valley, you can enjoy world class wines, artesian breads and cheeses, and the freshest fruits and vegetables available. The Pacific Northwest is home to the Cascade Mountain Range with challenging climbs, lush forests, beautiful streams, and wild mountain peaks that beckon to be explored. Our routes through the Cascades will have you seeing all this and more all while on scarcely traveled roads.

East of the Cascades, the high desert awaits. World class cycling routes take you along lava flows, high altitude steams, with snow caped mountains as a backdrop. This area is also home to great mountain towns such as Bend, OR where interaction with the outdoors is a way of life.

At Evviva Cycling Tours, our first concern is your experience. We carefully search wonderful lodging options that reflect the diversity of the region. Lodging ranges from large private inns on the coast, to intimate B & B’s nestled in small mountain towns, and to luxury boutiques hotels. We also pride ourselves on the quality (and quantity) of our meals, focusing on fresh, healthy meals. No rider should experience the splendors of the Pacific Northwest without enjoying the seemingly endless bounty of food options the region produces.                                                                                                                                         No tour experience can be had to the fullest without the help of expert guides. Our guides are local to the region, never hired from out of state to lead our trips. This ensures your experience through the region to be personal and unique!

Evviva Cycling Tours will create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime!